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In-practice training

When it comes to in-practice learning, Positive Impact is the UK's No. 1 provider so we know that a well-trained, confident and competent practice team is essential to business success. Keeping everybody in the practice up-to-date with the latest products, as well as learning new skills, is important in maintaining the enthusiasm needed for a business to continue to thrive. 

Gaining and retaining patients by becoming their 'Trusted Vision Advisor'

The first In-Practice Learning modules from Positive Impact form a unique Business Growth programme for independent practices. There are four modules that will help the practice not only grow the spend of existing patients, but just as importantly gain new patients.


Module One: Make friends with the sale process.
  • Addressing the sales taboo.
  • Personality profiling.
  • It's ALL about the relationship


Module Two: What do patients really want?


  • Basics of motivation and influence.
  • Using questions to discover needs.
  • Better enquiry leads to better solutions.

Module Three: Why buy from us?


  • USP and a FAB way of communicating.
  • The role of honesty and bravery.
  • Confidence in the value.

Module Four: Keeping Customers.


  • The choices available to patients.
  • Buying is just the start.
  • Generating referrals on purpose. 


Training saves time and money

In addition to the money saving benefits of training and the sales growth potential to be gained from our business growth modules - Positive Impact's In-Practice approach maximises your investment by not taking the team out of the business for day. To view our In-Practice sales training brochure, please click here to head to the downloads page

Positive Impact believes that training all the team in the 'safe' environment of the practice over a period of weeks is the ideal format, however we recognise that for some, perhaps smaller practices, participating in an open 1-day course may be easier.

For larger practice teams or groups of two or more practices that want to come together for training, bespoke pricing proposals can be requested.

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Training is all about improving business performance and making the most of people in your business right now. If you have the time to wait, then learning by experience is fine, but failure to realise people's full potential is demoralising for your team and in today's competitive markets can be commercial suicide.