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GLASKLAR® is a simple, low cost, yet effective way to market your practice and drive customer loyalty.

"Customer Loyalty: Bottled"
The incremental visits that you wouldn’t normally get between eye examinations, help generate relationships and open up conversations that can lead to additional sales opportunities.

Marketing Concept

An innovative marketing and customer loyalty concept for opticians from GLASKLAR from Positive Impact (Sales) UK - manufactured in Germany. An optic for optics! Cool, funky, own labelled bottles which are refilled in the practice for FREE - Keeps them coming back

The unique GLASKLAR® marketing concept is simple

  • Patients become ‘card-carrying’ ambassadors for your practice
  • Help combat marketing pressures from your competition
  • Generate more sales through word-of-mouth referrals
  • Add a QR code linked to your website

4-steps to keep them coming back for more

  • GLASKLAR® bottles are individually printed with your practice logo and contact details.
  • Install the GLASKLAR® dispenser in a visible and easily accessible location in your practice.
  • Invite your customers to select an empty GLASKLAR® bottle and fill it for themselves, under your direction.
  • Encourage customers to come and refill for themselves, anytime, for free.

Colour Range

GLASKLAR comes in a range of 10 different colours to match your practice branding.

In 2018 we launched our new and improved atomiser bottles - now with colour co-ordinated tops and improved atomiser spray.
Still with the same redeeming qualities:
Brand Awareness - every bottle has your logo
  • A natural solution for a clearer world
  • Proven formula, based purely on natural ingredients, is suitable for all lens types and coatings
  • High pressure atomiser propels a fine mist of bubbles helping remove grease for scratch-free cleaning
  • Refillable bottles reduce your carbon footprint enhancing your ‘green’ credentials
  • Great for smart phones, tablets, screens and so much more!

Gain new patient’s too…

GLASKLAR® provides your practice with a tool to encourage patients to talk about you to their friends, family and co-workers, helping to generate those all-important new patient referrals. And with features such as a QR code - those potential new leads can be directed to your website to find out more. We can also add Facebook and Twitter details. 

All this from a tiny bottle of lens cleaner!


Introducing EasyPay - The convenient and affordable new way to order and pay for your practice's GLASKLAR bottles

Low monthly payments
EasyPay is a payment plan allowing you to spread the cost of your GLASKLAR bottles; so you pay for them bottles at the same rate you give them away.

Best bottle price

You no longer have to buy one-off volumes to get the best possible pricing. With EasyPay you get the bottle price based on your annual purchase commitment.

EasyPay key benefits include:
  • Reduced upfront investment
  • Regular low monthly payments improving cash flow
  • Best bottle pricing based on annualised colume
  • Pay for bottles as you use them
  • Interest free
  • Smaller more manageable quantities
  • Reduced stock holding/storage


Case Study: 
McCandless Opticians

Opticians contacted us saying how they loved their new GLASKLAR system so much they wanted to make even more of a feature of it in the practice.

Laura from the practice explains: 

"We had been pleased with the response to GLASKLAR in our practice but felt we could do more to make it a central feature and show how much service is at the heart of what we do. We worked with the GLASKLAR marketing team on the idea of a lens cleaning station and point-of-sale to promote it.

We have now installed two additional dispensers and are pleased with the POS advertising the service. We are delighted with our new GLASKAR lens cleaning station, it certainly adds a bit of fun and colour to the practice!"


Latest News

New Year New Look

Publish Date: 3rd January 2019

We have incorporated a new printing process for you to personalise you GLASKLAR dispenser bottles in a choice of black or white text. This means that your practice name and logo will be larger and even easier for patients to read in the future so why not update your dispenser bottle for a new look in New Year?


Do you want the dispenser to stand out or blend in with your practice décor? No problem as GLASKLAR has got it covered. The glass dispenser bottles come in a stunning choice of colours in matt or shiny finishes to help you colour co-ordinate with your practice branding.


With colours including blue, red, violet and teal, as well as green, orange, silver and black, they really do create great in-practice theatre and a talking point among your customers.


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Gifting that pays off

Publish Date: 3rd January 2019

Here at GLASKLAR we think we have the most cost effective way of driving patient footfall back into the practice in between regular eye exams. The GLASKLAR team believe the return on investment in giving away the bottles is seen in the goodwill, loyalty, referrals and additional purchases generated as a result of patients returning to the practice more often.



The FREE refill element is the real driver of patient loyalty and every return visit provides opportunities for you to tell your patients about new eyewear, products or services. It helps build their relationship with your practice, encourages them to try on new styles and hopefully buy new eyewear,, or book appointments, thereby helping your business to grow.


While we leave our customers to decide who they gift or sell a bottle to, it is interesting to observe that we have practices that gift GLASKLAR to every spectacle purchase, through to those who sell every bottle and all options in between. Unsurprisingly then, this created good discussion at our first GLASKLAR Hub meeting.


How GLASKLAR can self-fund

Additionally, highlighting the simple concept of how practices could make GLASKLAR pay for itself also received positive feedback and food for thought at the Hub event.


EXAMPLE: Buy 1200 bottles Sell at £7 each

In this scenario the practice only needs to sell 30%* to cover its initial outlay - that’s just 7 bottles a week!

This leaves 800 bottles to give away at no cost to the business.

Of course if sold bottles are at a higher price the practice could afford to give even more away!


Clearly the FREE refill initiative works, whether the bottle is sold of gifted because the cleaning solution is always free from GLASKLAR. + More importantly, patients return to your practice for additional lens cleaner and NOT the supermarket, pharmacy, or worse, one of your competitors.


It’s also a great referral tool!

The Hub meeting also highlights how GLASKLAR is an excellent referral tool because gifting or selling an extra bottle to the patient for a friend or family member is another way of driving footfall to the practice and gaining new customers.


*based on a bottle purchase of £1.99

+subject to a fair usage policy


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Join the Hub Club for Inspiration

Publish Date: 3rd January 2019

Our first GLASKLAR Hub meeting to help inspire our customers was such a success that more are now being planned for next year.


Our free inaugural marketing event was launched in October and shared ideas for improving customer service, driving patient loyalty and increasing patient retention.

It had the theme ‘See You Again Soon’ and was held at Regent’s University London, attracting 20 proactive independents.

Explaining the ethos behind the first event, Director of Marketing and Professional Services, Nick Atkins, explained: “GLASKLAR is an excellent customer retention and referral tool and so it made sense that the next development should be to provide further marketing support to our customers.

We already offer point-of-sale and merchandising support and the idea of complimentary marketing seminars seemed a logical development,” he highlighted.


Memorable Spectacle Collections

At the first GLASKLAR Hub, the guest speaker was dispensing optician Dan Scott, one of the most sought-after eyewear stylists in the UK.

“The fitting appointment is the most valuable appointment you can make,” he told delegates in his presentation, ‘Making Spectacle Collections Memorable Experiences.’


Additional Sales

He explained that done well, that single appointment could result in additional spectacle and accessory sales, improve customer retention and increase referrals. It could also lead to good social media content such as positive reviews.

“The patient’s lasting impression of us and the biggest moment for them is the exciting moment they pick u their new glasses,” he emphasised.

Urging practitioners to capitalise on that excitement, he recommended having a checklist to tick off at the fitting appointment so that potential opportunities were not missed.

Supporting him was Nick who further developed Dan’s theme in his presentation ‘Customer Loyalty: Doing a Good Job is No Longer Enough.’

The event concluded with an interactive workshop during which delegates enthusiastically shared their ideas on maximising patient referrals which are working for them in their own practices.


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"What attracted us to Glasklar was the idea of having patients re-visit us on a regular basis. We recognised Glasklar would create a greater level of loyalty than we were currently getting. We wanted to differentiate ourselves and take customer loyalty to another level. We are now noticing patients re-visit us every 2-3 months, and will often book their next appointment for themselves or their family, which wasn’t happening for a much longer time”

- Ian Chalmers: Chalmers & Son Opticians, Cardiff

"Patients are definitely coming back. I had one today who said it’s a marvellous cleaner. We only see Glasklar as a totally positive at our practice with no negative aspects what so ever. It’s just a win win win win win all around!"

- Julian: Spectrum Eyecare

"We stocked Glasklar because it is unique and makes us stand out. We have our practice logo and brand message on the black bottles. But more than that, its theatre and fun for the patients! And a regular reference to ‘is it Gin?’ and “don’t drink it “is a common comment made by us and them."

- Brian Tompkins: TKS Optometrists 

"We wanted to attract repeat custom and find a way to keep our hard earned patients coming back to us time and time again. We now see some patients every 8 – 12 weeks for refills. It’s also allowed patients who were not regulars to buy the cleaner and they also come back and take advantage of the free refill option. We recently started a sunglass promotion and sited the refill dispenser right next to the promotional display. Already we have converted a couple of sales."

- Akhtar Jaffer: Dunstable Eye Care Centre


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