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GLASKLAR® is a simple, low cost, yet effective way to market your practice and drive customer loyalty.

"Customer Loyalty: Bottled"
The incremental visits that you wouldn’t normally get between eye examinations, help generate relationships and open up conversations that can lead to additional sales opportunities.

Marketing Concept

An innovative marketing and customer loyalty concept for opticians from GLASKLAR from Positive Impact (Sales) UK - manufactured in Germany. An optic for optics! Cool, funky, own labelled bottles which are refilled in the practice for FREE - Keeps them coming back

The unique GLASKLAR® marketing concept is simple

  • Patients become ‘card-carrying’ ambassadors for your practice
  • Help combat marketing pressures from your competition
  • Generate more sales through word-of-mouth referrals
  • Add a QR code linked to your website

4-steps to keep them coming back for more

  • GLASKLAR® bottles are individually printed with your practice logo and contact details.
  • Install the GLASKLAR® dispenser in a visible and easily accessible location in your practice.
  • Invite your customers to select an empty GLASKLAR® bottle and fill it for themselves, under your direction.
  • Encourage customers to come and refill for themselves, anytime, for free.

Latest News

Keep 'em Clean, Keep 'em Keen!

Publish Date: 4th September 2017

Optical practices are not particularly proactive in establishing patient loyalty.

By doing a great job it is assumed that patients will return the next time they need eye care services However, unless there’s a problem, it is unlikely that a spectacles wearer sets foot inside the door from one year to the next. During this time they are exposed to advertising and PR from the multiples trying to tempt them away.
So developing that ‘bond’ with patients to ensure they not only come back in a timely manner, but remain ‘regulars’ ,is an increasingly difficult challenge. Loyalty has to come from somewhere or something. Simply doing a good job is not enough - to generate loyalty you need to develop relationships and that can’t be done from an annual or biennial visit. As we all know in our personal lives, relationships need nurturing and developing, and that takes work. So why do we expect it to be different in business?
GLASKLAR, helps drive more frequent visits and helps to make users bottle-carrying ambassadors”
It has long been proven that there is a strong link between customer loyalty marketing, customer referrals and increased spend. Consumers have generally become accustomed to rewards and incentives and have become ‘card carrying’ ambassadors for airlines, supermarkets and coffee shops for instance.
A loyalty programme drives customer satisfaction, leading to loyalty, and ultimately the all-important profitability. Loyalty marketing relies upon word-of-mouth and branding, drawing upon the positive experiences of those exposed to the programme. It leverages that ‘feel good factor’ to retain existing customers, attract new ones and grow the spend per customer.
Finally, one of the key things that drives the success of loyalty programmes is the frequency element. Our unique refillable lens cleaning system - GLASKLAR - drives more frequent visits and helps to make patients bottle-carrying ambassadors for their’ independent optician.

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"The best lens cleaner" on the market

Publish Date: 4th September 2017

For years we've been underselling the quality of the key ingredient that makes GLASKLAR great - its lens cleaning performance.

GLASKLAR is a natural cleaning product with no hearsh solvents. It simply uses a combination of food-grade alcohol, derived from the wine-making process, combined with bicarbonate of soda to deliver its powerful cleaning performance. It also comes with a high-pressure atomiser that evenly distributes a fine mist of cleaning bubbles across the entire lens surface, ensuring quick, smear and scratch-free cleaning. 

But don't take our word for it, here's Geoff McConville sharing his experience in his practice: 

"We considered a number of things before we finally decided to take the plunge and introduce GLASKLAR into our practice and whilst we evaluated the cleaning performance, it wasn't the driver for our decision to stock the product. We've been delighted and taken aback with the glowing reviews we've recieved from patients regarding the cleaning performance of the solution when coming back for refills. Oh and that's also one of our initial concerns ticked off and laid to rest - they DO come back for refills. 
However what is particularly noticable is how many patients are thanking us for gifting them the 'best lens cleaner' they've ever used. They say it quickly gets all marks off with none of the smearing they've experiences with other so-called cleaners."

Lens cleaners are not all created equal and GLASKLAR is one of the best - take it from Geoff and his grateful patients.

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Create even more theatre around GLASKLAR

Publish Date: 4th September 2017

The theatre of the GLASKLAR experience creates an important talking point in our customers' practices. Patients love it! It's easy, they can get free refills whenever they like and that makes them feel welcomed. So why not maximise this opportunity to communicate with your patients? 

We have worked with some of our stockists to create bespoke point-of-sale (POS) to make their GLASKLAR system stand out even more.

The POS can explain how GLASKLAR works or remind patients to check when their next appointment is due or just feature the latest product news. It can also double up as a bottle storage area. 

To find out more about personalised POS to match your practice image contact Maria in marketing.

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Case Study: 
McCandless Opticians

McCandless Opticians contacted us saying how they loved their new GLASKLAR system so much they wanted to make even more of a feature of it in the practice.

Laura from the practice explains: 

"We had been pleased with the response to GLASKLAR in our practice but felt we could do more to make it a central feature and show how much service is at the heart of what we do. We worked with the GLASKLAR marketing team on the idea of a lens cleaning station and point-of-sale to promote it.

We have now installed two additional dispensers and are pleased with the POS advertising the service. We are delighted with our new GLASKAR lens cleaning station, it certainly adds a bit of fun and colour to the practice!"


"What attracted us to Glasklar was the idea of having patients re-visit us on a regular basis. We recognised Glasklar would create a greater level of loyalty than we were currently getting. We wanted to differentiate ourselves and take customer loyalty to another level. We are now noticing patients re-visit us every 2-3 months, and will often book their next appointment for themselves or their family, which wasn’t happening for a much longer time”

- Ian Chalmers: Chalmers & Son Opticians, Cardiff

"Patients are definitely coming back. I had one today who said it’s a marvellous cleaner. We only see Glasklar as a totally positive at our practice with no negative aspects what so ever. It’s just a win win win win win all around!"

- Julian: Spectrum Eyecare

"We stocked Glasklar because it is unique and makes us stand out. We have our practice logo and brand message on the black bottles. But more than that, its theatre and fun for the patients! And a regular reference to ‘is it Gin?’ and “don’t drink it “is a common comment made by us and them."

- Brian Tompkins: TKS Optometrists 

"We wanted to attract repeat custom and find a way to keep our hard earned patients coming back to us time and time again. We now see some patients every 8 – 12 weeks for refills. It’s also allowed patients who were not regulars to buy the cleaner and they also come back and take advantage of the free refill option. We recently started a sunglass promotion and sited the refill dispenser right next to the promotional display. Already we have converted a couple of sales."

- Akhtar Jaffer: Dunstable Eye Care Centre


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