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"The best lens cleaner" on the market

Publish Date: 4th September 2017

For years we've been underselling the quality of the key ingredient that makes GLASKLAR great - its lens cleaning performance.

GLASKLAR is a natural cleaning product with no hearsh solvents. It simply uses a combination of food-grade alcohol, derived from the wine-making process, combined with bicarbonate of soda to deliver its powerful cleaning performance. It also comes with a high-pressure atomiser that evenly distributes a fine mist of cleaning bubbles across the entire lens surface, ensuring quick, smear and scratch-free cleaning. 

But don't take our word for it, here's Geoff McConville sharing his experience in his practice: 

"We considered a number of things before we finally decided to take the plunge and introduce GLASKLAR into our practice and whilst we evaluated the cleaning performance, it wasn't the driver for our decision to stock the product. We've been delighted and taken aback with the glowing reviews we've recieved from patients regarding the cleaning performance of the solution when coming back for refills. Oh and that's also one of our initial concerns ticked off and laid to rest - they DO come back for refills. 
However what is particularly noticable is how many patients are thanking us for gifting them the 'best lens cleaner' they've ever used. They say it quickly gets all marks off with none of the smearing they've experiences with other so-called cleaners."

Lens cleaners are not all created equal and GLASKLAR is one of the best - take it from Geoff and his grateful patients.