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Keep 'em Clean, Keep 'em Keen!

Publish Date: 4th September 2017

Optical practices are not particularly proactive in establishing patient loyalty.

By doing a great job it is assumed that patients will return the next time they need eye care services However, unless there’s a problem, it is unlikely that a spectacles wearer sets foot inside the door from one year to the next. During this time they are exposed to advertising and PR from the multiples trying to tempt them away.
So developing that ‘bond’ with patients to ensure they not only come back in a timely manner, but remain ‘regulars’ ,is an increasingly difficult challenge. Loyalty has to come from somewhere or something. Simply doing a good job is not enough - to generate loyalty you need to develop relationships and that can’t be done from an annual or biennial visit. As we all know in our personal lives, relationships need nurturing and developing, and that takes work. So why do we expect it to be different in business?
GLASKLAR, helps drive more frequent visits and helps to make users bottle-carrying ambassadors”
It has long been proven that there is a strong link between customer loyalty marketing, customer referrals and increased spend. Consumers have generally become accustomed to rewards and incentives and have become ‘card carrying’ ambassadors for airlines, supermarkets and coffee shops for instance.
A loyalty programme drives customer satisfaction, leading to loyalty, and ultimately the all-important profitability. Loyalty marketing relies upon word-of-mouth and branding, drawing upon the positive experiences of those exposed to the programme. It leverages that ‘feel good factor’ to retain existing customers, attract new ones and grow the spend per customer.
Finally, one of the key things that drives the success of loyalty programmes is the frequency element. Our unique refillable lens cleaning system - GLASKLAR - drives more frequent visits and helps to make patients bottle-carrying ambassadors for their’ independent optician.