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FREE Glasklar for Life!

Publish Date: 30th August 2017

Great news! We are now supplying customers our unique GLASKLAR cleaning solution free for the lifetime of your patients' loyalty.

So what's new? 
Well we've always provided enough concentrate to fill each bottle ordered at least twice, but we are no longer going to charge for ongoing supplies thereafter. From now on, sunject to 'fair usage'*, supplies of concentrate will be complimentary, completely free, cost ziltch, not a penny... you get our drift!

So now you can be confident that regardless of how often you patient returns (and we say the more often the better!) the free refills they dispense themselves aren't costing the practice either, a true WIN - WIN 

*Terms and conditions apply. 
1. Concentrate will only be supplied to fill Glasklar bottles.
2. Fair usage will be calculated based on purchased bottle volumes and frequency.
3. Postage and packing is not included. 
4. Positive Impact reserves the right to charge for concentrate at any time.