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Feature Story: Anita Glasby Optometrists

Publish Date: 14th October 2016

In the last issue of ClearViews Anita Glasby from the practice of the same name, tells us about her experiences with GLASKLAR.

Why did you choose GLASKLAR and how important is it for your business?

We chose GLASKLAR as our practice lens cleaner because we were impressed with the quality of the bottles, how easy it is to refill, is natural and smells fresh. 

Which customers do you give GLASKLAR to?

We give the product to new and returning patients when they purchase new spectacles. Many are surprised and pleased to be given a bottle of GLASKLAR, along with their new spectacles, case and cloth.

Where have you positioned your GLASKLAR Dispensing Optic and Bottle display and why?

The dispensing aid fits well with our practice environment and is a talking point with new patients. It is on our dispensing desk as you come in so it is very prominent and eye catching.

© Anita Glasby Optometry

What benefits have you seen by using this patient retention tool?

The GLASKLAR system is unique to our practice in our local area. Each bottle projects a high quality image that reflects our ethos of delivering high quality products and service for eye health.

What do your customers think of GLASKLAR?

They love GLASKLAR and how clean it makes their spectacle lenses.  They tell their family and friends and frequently praise it.

What evidence do you have of more frequent customer/patient visits?

This has been confirmed through the frequency of regular customers coming back to refill. We are glad that we made the investment in this system as their repeat visits allows us to continue to form a positive relationship and provide continuity of care.

Do you have a specific example of when GLASKLAR has worked well?

There was an occasion recently where a boy hurt his eye and his mother couldn’t find our phone number to ring us for advice. She then remembered that all our details were on her little GLASKLAR bottle so she was able to quickly find the number, ring us and came straight in with him.

What are your Top Tips for success with GLASKLAR?

Just to spread the word and get more people using the product. We have also detailed our use of GLASKLAR, and how it keeps patients spectacles in good condition, on our practice website.

Read here Anita Glasby's recommendation of GLASKLAR.