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Positive Impact was established by Nick Atkins and Maxine Green. Who between them they have over 50 years experience in both retail optics and the optical industry, the majority of which was spent in senior sales, marketing and professional services roles.

Our sales calls are delivered only by experienced sales professionals with extensive knowledge of the ‘eye business’. Our in-practice training is delivered by qualified ophthalmic professionals.

Positive Impact believes that sales are built upon good relationships and mutual respect. We also believe that face-to-face meetings are the most effective way for people to communicate and develop the trust needed to generate sales.

Our Vision is:
  • To work in partnership with our clients with a single-minded purpose and passion to achieve commercial goals
  • To deliver a sales strategy and infrastructure on brief, on budget and on time which, through effective product detailing, will drive sales and generate profit
  • To provide a flexible and cost-effective approach to your sales needs
  • To create innovative strategies that will positively impact opinions, perceptions and increase demand for our clients products or services

Our core services are:
  • Face-to-face vision-care sales calls
  • In-practice training and CET delivery
  • Virtual sales solutions
  • Product Evaluation Groups

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